About TLC4 Your Pets

TLC4 Your Pets is owned by Janet Everard.

Janet has lived and worked in the Abraham Heights area of Lancaster for nearly 30 years and after taking voluntary redundancy from the Civil Service in 2011 decided to take the opportunity to do something she has always wanted to do - work with animals. 

Before that she looked after friends and neighbours pets for a number of years and has always owned a variety of pets including rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises, rescued many animals including dogs, a ferret, hedgehogs and wild birds.  At the moment she has 2 rescue jack russells Libby and Ozzie, 3 rescue guinea pigs Georgie, Porgie and Pye, and a rescue hamster Bayley.

She has been a committee member of Lune Valley Dog Training and Agility Club, a volunteer at Animal Care and has completed a First Aid for Cats & Dogs course at Myerscough College.

Janet has held a licence to board dogs in her home since 2013 when the council introduced the requirement.